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T-Cut White Color Fast Colour Polish Wax 500ml

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  • T-Cut White Color Fast Colour Polish Wax 500ml

T-Cut White Color Fast Colour Polish Wax 500ml

T-Cut White


T-Cut Color Fast White 3 in 1 is the easy way to clean, restore and wax your car.

The special blend of polymers pigmented resin and wax effortlessly removes surface oxidation blemishes and minor scratches leaving a deep gloss shine.


Directions for use

1. Wash your car with a good quality car shampoo and dry with a chamois leather

2. Shake bottle and pour onto a damp cloth

3. Apply using circular motions spending more time on scratches and blemishes

4. Allow to dry to a haze before bluffing to a deep gloss shine with a dry cloth

5. Repeat application if required

Q, Will this be suitable for metallic finished paint?    A, Yes, T-Cut color fast is suitable for all paint finishes

Q, How often will i have to use this product?   A, We recommend using Color Fast every 6 months

Q, My car paint work is damaged, can i still use T-Cut color fast ?   A, No, do not use on damaged or new paint

Q, Will T-cut color fast white change the colour of my car?  A, No, t-cut only adds colour, and will not change the colour of your car

Q, How do i make color fast last longer?, A we recommend using a paint sealer after using a polish like T-cut, this is linked here


Have a look at the T-Cut Website  for more information and a hiistory of the products they make

We also sell this product on E-BAY if you prefer to make a purchase through this please follow this link T-CUT COLOR FAST WHITE ON E-BAY


Autobits have many years of experience in car valleting,  our team of qualified staff are happy to assist you in any questions you may have,  give us a call on 01506 671200 or email us at enquiries@auto-bits.co.uk

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