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T-Cut Silver Color Fast Scratch Remover 150g

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  • T-Cut Silver Color Fast Scratch Remover 150g

T-Cut Silver Color Fast Scratch Remover 150g

Silver Scratch Remover


Winner of the Which Best Buy Award T-Cut Color Fast Scratch Remover removes scratches, scuffs, blemishes and adds colour in one easy application.


Directions for use

1. Wash your car with a good quality car shampoo and dry with a chamois cloth

2. Apply using circular motion on scratches and blemishes

3. Allow to dry to a haze before bluffing to a deep gloss shine with a dry cloth

4. Repeat application if required


Q, Will this repair deep scratches?,  A, no, only surface scratches, We also have a T-Cut Scratch Magic Pen

Q, Will this be suitable for metallic finished paint?    A, Yes, T-Cut scratch remover is suitable for all paint finishes

Q, How often will i have to use this product?   A, when you have visible scratches or blemishes

Q, My car paint work is damaged, can i still use T-Cut color fast ?   A, No, do not use on damaged or new paint

Q, Will T-Cut silver scarch remover change the colour of my car?  A, No, t-cut only adds colour, and will not change the colour of your car

Q, How do i make color fast last longer?, A we recommend using a paint sealer after using a polish like T-cut, this is linked here


Have a look at the T-Cut Website  for more information and a history of the products they make

We also sell this product on E-BAY if you prefer to make a purchase through this please follow this link T-Cut Color Fast Silver Scratch Remover


Autobits have many years of experience in car valleting,  our team of qualified staff are happy to assist you in any questions you may have,  give us a call on 01506 671200 or email us at enquiries@auto-bits.co.uk

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