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Wheel Trims 16"

We love wheel trims at Autobits and  quite possibly have the largest selection of wheel trims to ever be seen in a online store, at this time we have 180 sets from 12" 13" 14" 15" 16" wheel trims to even17" wheel trims, all at very competitive prices and styles. 

that will suit everyone, look out for a few we have running at special price  these are marked "special price" with massive savings to be made, be fast though, these wont be around for long.

Fitting guide

Fitting our wheel trims is easy, most trims are supplied in a box, in that box you will find 4 trims with 4 tension rings, sometimes the tension ring is fitted to the trims. When fitting the wheel trims, gently tap a corner on to your wheel, then push the wheel trim on, simple.

How do i know what size of trim i need?

First of all, do not measure your wheel, this is a false reading, the size of your trim is clearly visible on your tyre, it will look something like this 185/65 R15, the R15 part is the wheel size, in this case your wheel trim is 15"